Kashmir University Backlog Examination Forms for 2nd Semester Release Date

Kashmir University Backlog Examination Forms for 2nd Semester Release Date

Candidates who have been unsuccessful in any subject or did not appear for the BG 2nd semester examination are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the backlog examination.

The backlog examination presents a favorable chance for these individuals to enhance their chances of passing the course and graduating from the university. By participating in the backlog examination, they can demonstrate their comprehension of the course material and prove their capability to successfully complete the course.


It is advised that candidates commence their preparations for the backlog examination at the earliest possible time. They can utilize the university’s syllabus and study materials to prepare for the examination. Additionally, there are numerous online resources available to assist candidates in their preparations.

While the backlog examination may pose challenges, it is a conquerable task. With diligence and commitment, candidates can successfully pass the examination and achieve their academic objectives.

Backlog Examination Form Release Date:

The University of Kashmir (KU) is soon expected to release the backlog examination forms for the BG 2nd semester.

Candidates can download the forms from the KU website, www.kashmiruniversity.net. The forms can be submitted online along with the required fee. The fee details are as follows:

Rs. 250/- per paper/subject

Rs. 50/- for Examination Monitoring Fee (EMF)

Eligible candidates for the backlog examination are those who have failed or did not appear for the BG 2nd semester examination.

The Advantages of Backlog Examinations:

Backlog examinations offer several benefits, which include:

Providing an opportunity for candidates to enhance their academic performance.

Assisting candidates in completing their degree course within the designated timeframe.

Improving the employment prospects of candidates.

The University of Kashmir facilitates backlog examinations for students who have failed or not appeared for a particular semester.

Backlog students can apply for the backlog examinations through the University’s online portal. The portal can be accessed at https://egov.uok.edu.in/.

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